A World For Her

Wrongfully arrested, Marina is placed in the unfamiliar world of a prison cell. Spending four days on remand, Marina’s distress transforms as she is confronted by the bleak reality of the women she meets inside. In the claustrophobia of a prison cell, three women with opposing interests are challenged with moral decisions in order to get what they desperately need.

Carolina Petro
1st Assitant Director: 
James Rumsey
Nicholas Jones
Alex Grigoras
Camera operator: 
Alex Grigoras
1st Assistant Camera: 
Jackey Teboul
2nd Assistant Camera: 
Josselin Cornilon
Carolina Petro
Jason R'Moffat
Sound designer: 
Mauricio D'Orey
Production assistant: 
Tasos Giapoutzis, Johannes Menghi